Adult Classes


Master Hu and his senior instructors lead the adult learner on a wonderous journey through the world of Wushu. Through diligence and practice (offered days, nights and weekends) the student will expect to develop top skills in many aspects of martial arts and health. There is no limit to how far a student can progress: from simple awareness of the self to able self defense practitioner to world champion Wushu practitioner. Training is available in many styles of open-hand and weapons traditions including but not limited to:

  • northern and southern fist
  • staff, broadsword, straight sword and 9-section chain-whip
  • mimetic animal styles such as praying mantis, snake and eagle
  • the health-enhancing arts of taiji and qigong
  • programs of stunt choreography and acting for martial arts films 

Also we offer a yearly summer camp and special seminars throughout the year such as 12 Animal Xingyiquan, Black Tiger Wushu, and Kung Fu Drama classes.

In conjunction with Master Hu’s yearly international exchange program, our students have the opportunity to visit and train in China to help to deepen their understanding of Chinese culture and martial arts. This is a unique experience that truly enriches our students' lives.