Children Classes


A Commitment to Excellence

Children can start training in martial arts at a very young age. Martial arts allow children to rapidly increase strength and flexibility and improve coordination. Not only do they learn important self-defense techniques, but they can also better excel at other sports and activities due to their increased body awareness. 

The Shaolin Wushu Center's martial arts classes will help students reach high levels of physical ability. However, we believe that the most important elements that children will develop from our Kung fu/Wushu classes are the importance of hard work, discipline, and respect for others. This combination of exercise and discipline results in:

  • improved balance and coordination
  • increased attention span
  • better overall physical fitness
  • improved self control.

Children receive training in "little tiger" hand forms, Kung fu fan and Kung fu staff.

Kung fu/Wushu is disciplined, skill building, instills character and it is fun. Most importantly the chance to master a unique skill increases the child’s self confidence and often spills over into other areas of academics and socialization.

We also offer dramatic arts classes for children, another excellent avenue in the child's overall development.