The School


A Center For Fun, Sport, Health & Fitness

Strength-Determination-Fortitude-Energy-Heart-Discipline-Courage-Self Esteem-Focus- Confidence.

Based in Los Angeles, the Shaolin Wushu Center offers a variety of classes in Kung Fu (Gong Fu) and Taiji (T'ai Chi) for athletes of all ages and abilities—from the novice to the seasoned international competitor-- and has trained thousands of students.

The Shaolin Wushu center has sponsored five international wushu tournaments and festivals and has organized 18 major cultural exchange events between China and the U.S. (which includes opportunities for our students to visit and train there).

Classes are available in a wide variety of traditional and contemporary Chinese martial arts including:

  • northern and southern fist
  • northern and southern staff, northern and southern broadsword, straight sword and 9-section whip chain
  • mimetic animal styles including praying mantis, snake and eagle
  • grappling and wrestling for self defense
  • stage combat choreography and performance
  • the health enhancing arts of taiji (t'ai chi) and qigong (chi kung).

Also we offer a yearly summer camp and special seminars throughout the year such as 12 Animal Xingyiquan, Black Tiger Wushu, and Kung Fu Drama classes. Browse the  Shaolin Wushu Center's schedule of classes.