What our students have to say:

I love doing tai chi with the Wushu Center. I am a feng shui facilitator, and the classes center me as I work on balancing homes. Jianmei is an incredible instructor, teaching chi gong and tai chi. I take classes three times a week, and it is a blessing for my soul. Jianmei and Master Hu are masterful teachers, and I am proud to be associated with them. It is a special secret in West Los Angeles.

~Janet Mitsui-Brown

I have spent many years thinking about doing martial arts, but finding a place that taught Kung Fu was a real challenge, and finding a decent place was even harder.

The first day I went to the Shaolin WuShu Center, I was a little intimidated; but after I had met Master Hu and some of the other students, I felt very welcomed. I sat and watched a class and I knew I was set, I had a found a place I could learn Kung Fu.

I joined the center in June of 2008 a couple of weeks after it had opened. Now, I go every day. Master Hu, Master Zong and all the other students are like an extension of my family.

~Vincent Butcher

Wushu has become my favorite thing to do since I have joined this school.  I have become more focused, stronger and healthier due to training with Master Hu.  I have also been taking the self defense class and feel more confident, as a female, to be safe out in the world.

Whether you're a black belt or a beginner, Master Hu gives every student the same amount of attention and focus. There is no doubt that whatever level you enter the school, you will leave being on the top.

~Naeemah E. Akemi Fukuda

I had been doing martial arts for 2 years before I found The Shaolin Wushu Center but my martial art abilities weren't up to standard. As soon as I watched their performance I knew that I would sign up.

After only 2 months I had gotten my flexibility, power and speed almost twice as good as it was before. Grandmaster Hu JianQiang's teaching method is different from most that I have seen. But it works really well! He focuses not on the class as a whole but each student individually. He will expand the student's skills based on what they are naturally good at.

Master Hu, Master Zong and everyone else at the center are all considered my family now.

~ Sam Duffey

I studied wushu since February of 2001 and am currently 16 years old. Since the start of wushu I became a better person both physically and mentally. I learned to be more responsible, have self confidence, and matured into a young adult. I love wushu and it is my passion. Without it, I would not be who I am today. 

~Rocky, Age 16

I love wushu. I used to do it for fun, but now I'm super serious and want to be great. At first I thought I wasn't going to be good, but now I'm getting better and I'm so proud of myself. I just hope to be amazing and do high jumps soon and flips too. 

~Andy, Age 9

I like wushu a lot. I am learning a lot and its hard but fun at the same time. I like the forms, jumping, and doing shows. It is so fun and I have met amazing friends here as well. I want to be a pro one day .

~Gracie, age 7